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Business Owner, Chef, Wife, Mother


          School was out for the summer! I remember “Papi” better known as Panchito (my father) telling us that we were going camping. I was so excited. What he really meant was we were going to work in Los Campos, to pick crops in the fields. This would be work the whole family would do together. I was happy to know I was going to contribute to our family...  The fields allow you to dream of your future while working hard. I knew this wasn’t going to be my future. I can remember picking tomatoes with my sister Isabel one hot summer day. We sat down for a water break and Isabel used a wet towel to wipe our tomatoes for a snack. I turned to my sister and told her that “when I grow up, I am going to make something with these tomatoes. She said, “quit dreaming and get back to work”. Growing up as a migrant farm worker gave me the opportunity to create an authentic salsa, one that you “Just Add Tomatoes” to Linditas’ Instant Salsa Mixes. 


Dreams do come true!

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